Vista-71: IIM Admissions - Question of Transparency


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

IIM Admissions - Question of Transparency

The story of Vaishnavi who challenged IIM, Bangalore, reported in Rediffmail is quite inspiring, though Vaishnavi did not get into IIM.

What needs further investigation and probably further action by all aspiring for IIM admission is the question whether the applicants whose 10th or 12th marks do not meet the requirements are told that they are allowed to appear for the entrance examination with the specific understanding that they are not eligibile for IIM admissions. There may be many students who would still want to take the examination to meet the needs of other management institutions to which they are applying. If Vaishnavi had not been told either through the prospectus or in some other manner about her 10th and 12th scores not meeting IIM requirements before she applied for the test, she is probably entitled to claim damages from IIM / CAT administration for lack of transparency leading to her spending time and resources unnecesssarily.



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